About Our ABQ Trademarked Logo and Moniker
Our ABQ logo was designed by Westward Connections employee Marcus Johnstone in 1997.

In 1995 and 1996 Westward Connections worked with ABQ ROS in managing the web hosting services for the world’s largest ballooning event, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. It was in 1996 that the two parties acquired the ABQ domains, with ABQ ROS registering ABQ.COM to use in marketing their ISP services and Westward Connections registering ABQ.Net to use in marketing their clientele based in the Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical Area (ABQMSA).

ABQ Acronym for Albuquerque
ABQ is the International Air Transport Association airport code for the Albuquerque International Airport, the largest airport in the State of New Mexico, located in Albuquerque, the largest city of New Mexico. ABQ is also the location identifier used by the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Weather Service.

In 1997  Albuquerque Economic Development (AED) acquired the ABQ.ORG domain to market itself as the non-profit organization focused on bringing new industry into the Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical Area. Fast forward to 2023. Albuquerque Economic Development has rebranded itself as One Albuquerque Economic Development and is now using ABQEDD.COM for its address. ABQ.ORG serves as the domain address for the Albuquerque Regional Economic Alliance.

ABQ Acronym Identifier for Other Entities
According to the Acronym Finder Albuquerque ranks third in using ABQ for its identifier. The following other organizations are listed as using ABQ for their identifier (listed in order of popularity):

  • Associação Brasileira de Química
    (Portuguese: Brazilian Chemical Association)
  • American Brass Quintet
    (New York City, Juilliard School residence)
  • Association des Biologistes du Québec
  • Association des Brasseurs du Québec (ABQ)
    (Québec Brewers Association of Canada)
  • American Builders Quarterly
    (a construction publication)
  • Army Brass Quintet
    (US Army musical group)

According to Wikipedia, ABQ is also the call sign for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s television station in Brisbane, Queensland.

Conclusion ~ ABQ.Net
From our use of ABQ.Net since its acquisition and with all these popular uses of ABQ as an identifier, we consider ABQ.NET a valuable domain name. Over the years, Westward Connections has received numerous offers to acquire the ABQ.NET domain but has yet to see one to perk our interest. If you are considering making us an offer, you should know that we currently expect offers in no less than five-figure increments. Meanwhile, we have decided to offer ABQ.NET subdomain services. Packaging and pricing for those services will be published soon. Should you be interested in leasing subdomains or acquiring abq.net, please contact us through our company page on Facebook.